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Sarah Rogers- MBA, GRI

It is my honor to recommend Anchor Pacific as an outstanding appraiser and as a company of character, ethics, and virtue. I have had the pleasure of working with Anchor Pacific for more than 40 years. They are dedicated, thorough, hard-working and extremely knowledgeable. They produce high quality work for their clients, whether it be for a real estate appraisal, sale appraisal or otherwise. They are considered by many to be the local experts on appraisals for estates and trust sales and for homeowner's who need an appraisal on their property before making a major decision about their property or disposition. They has been reliable and dependable professionals who have always been a great resource of information to me and my clients.

Kenneth Veronda

Anchor Pacific Appraisers are the consummate professional in San Marino property assessment, after years of working with many residential homes large and small, and commercial buildings. They are quick, thorough, and well worth his fees. I highly recommend them as the best around.

Simon Stone- Certified Residential Appraiser #AR040173

I have had the opportunity to work with Anchor Pacific Appraisers over the years. They are well qualified and an ethical professionals. I am confident that they would be an asset to your appraiser needs. I have found that they take the appropriate time to define the appraisal problem, complete the thorough inspection of subject and neighborhood, gather and analyze required data to arrive at a value estimate for complex to standard properties of all types.

Levin P. Messick- GCC Business Division #AG009124

I have instructed Real Estate Appraisal classes in the Business Division at Glendale Community College for the past eighteen years. I was formerly also a Regional Governor with the National Association of Independent Fee Appraiser. Anchor Pacific Appraisers  are intelligent, cheerful and articulates clear and concise with logic. They are a joy to work with and ranks within the top ten in the past decade.

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